I'm using python and spidev to do spi transactions over the Raspberry Pi's spi channel. I'm having a couple of different things happen that are not what I am expecting.


This is a capture of a spi transaction. Channel 1 is the SCLK Channel 2 is the SDI and Channel 4 is the CSB. It's worth noting that for my application I need 4 CSB lines. Due to this I am manually driving the 4 GPIO pins using another library and just leaving the dedicated spi lines unconnected. There are a few things here that are going wrong.

First of all the jitter, around the center of the oscilloscope you can see weird jitter in all three signals. I am unsure as to what is causing this but would like to eliminate it as I believe it may be causing issues.

Secondly the clock frequency, in my code I am setting the frequency to 100kHz yet the recorded frequency is 40kHz this seems to be a known issue with SPI on the Rpi but I haven't found any ways to ensure that I can get my desired frequency.

Any insights into what could be happening here would be very appreciated I am not sure what things I should be looking into to find the solution to this.


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