I certainly made a mistake when 'improving' the (LXDE) application bar. The raspberry on the left disappeared.

  1. how can I restore it ?

  2. more generally how can I restore the application bar as it was initially when installing Pi OS (without installing Pi OS of course) ?

Thanks for your help

  • how did you remove the icon? ... what does the icon represent?
    – jsotola
    Commented Mar 13, 2021 at 3:38

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If you still have a Panel;
right-click the Panel
Add/Remove Panel items
Then Add and select Menu
Click on the Menu (in Panel Applets) then Preferences then set Icon "start-here" and set padding (usually 4)
Move Menu Up to the top (I like to have a Spacer as first item)

NOTE you can have multiple "Menu" items


thanks a lot, I tried many things, but at the end, I re-installed pi OS... I am still wondering if there exist a way to put the launbch bar in its "initial" state. I tried to copy some configutaion files from another Pi OS, but unsuccessfully. Best regards

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