I ran in some problems in the last days, and I'm hoping that some of you may help me find a proper solution.

I have two screens that I use as Website Displays in Kiosk mode. One of those is a pretty big 4k screen and the other one is a standard 27" screen. For both of those screens I have websites that fit their size perfectly.

Now the issue though: It Overscans on the big 4k TV screen, but the weird thing is, that the other screen doesn't overscan. The 27" screen is perfectly filled, not with a black border nor too big. When I disable overscan or change some display settings, the big 4k screen is perfectly filled, but the 27" screen has a black border around it.

The way this can be solved, is probably by being able to change the size of the screens separately instead of them being changed both. Or maybe I just made a rookie mistake and the solution is much easier. However, I would appriciate a response and some help from some kind strangers. :D

Thanks a ton.

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