I'm not totally certain that I understand what a Witty Pi 3 Rev2 does so this is by way of a sanity check that I have got it right.

The documentation says "Thanks to the on-board DC/DC converter (MP4462), the Witty Pi 3 Rev 2 can accept input voltages up to 28V" but when I read the user manual I don't see the power output from the Witty to the Pi. This review on Youtube is the best I could find and seems to confirm my understanding.

My project, which will probably never pass the vapour-ware stage, is to power a pi on a battery from a child's ride-on jeep and install a web-cam nature-watch on my allotment (a remote site for a vegetable garden with water but no electricity). If I understand correctly then I could even turn the pi off during day-time and so conserve battery power. I want to find what* razes my sweetcorn patch each year and and an optional extra would be to deter the varmints.

Bonus points would be for a device that resembles a fox and wriggles its back-quarters as if it is about to pounce. Even better if it could throw lighted fireworks at them.

* Likely contenders are grey-squirrels, rats, and badgers


The Witty Pi HAT outputs power to the Pi via the 5V and GND pins on the 40 pin header connector.

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I see that my question now has negative score which means either that I was unclear, or I didn't do research, or it wasn't interesting. I believe I was clear and I included three links so I have to conclude that it was thought uninteresting. I find this rather unwelcoming and won't return. I suggest that the group should collectively rethink its attitude to newbie questions. Mar 24 at 9:16

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