Is there (preferably open source) solution to emulate keyboard and mouse using web page - preferably working on the smartphone. The main goal is not to have to install anything on smartphone.

I would imagine it would work as follows:

  • server - installed on the pi - webserver translating data send from client to mouse movement and keyboard inputs on the pi,
  • client - any smartphone using web browser, connected to said server - I would image part of the page would emulate touchpad and other part would be on screen keyboard.

I did some quite extensive search but could not find anything like that.

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How about simple keyboard? (project page on Github)

enter image description here

Your webpage could submit either single characters, or complete text lines (e.g. SSH commands) to the webserver, and the webserver would then run them via shell_exec or similar, or feed individual characters to a pipe created with proc_open.

Make sure this webpage is not accessible to everyone without authentication, unless you want your Pi to become part of a botnet in the next couple of days.

There's also a request to provide Android support for barrier, which would do exactly what you describe, but AFAIK it's not ready yet.

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