I am trying to move my sickbeard.db file from my Mac running OS X 10.9 to my Raspberry Pi so that Sickbeard can run on the Pi and not my Mac.

I am unable to tell what the username and password to the Sickbeard directory is. I can log in using Cyberduck and am ready to upload my .ini and db files, but it says I don't have sufficient permission with the standard username password that the Raspberry Pi was set up with.

Looking at the supplied code (and since I am not a programmer), I can't tell which line is the username and which is the password.

Create sickbeard user

$ sudo useradd --system --user-group --no-create-home sickbeard

Download, extract, move to correct location and set permissions

$ git clone git://github.com/midgetspy/Sic...
$ sudo mv Sick-Beard /usr/local/sickbeard
$ sudo chown -R sickbeard:nzb /usr/local/sickbeard
$ sudo chmod ug+rw /usr/local/sickbeard/autoProcessTV/
$ sudo mkdir /var/sickbeard
$ sudo chown sickbeard:nzb /var/sickbeard


Looks like the above code snippet isn't setting the password for the sickbeard user. You could just do it manually with the command below?

sudo passwd sickbeard
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  • This worked! Once I assigned a password to the user, I was able to then make changes. Thanks so much Alastair!!! :-) – user11226 Dec 14 '13 at 4:21

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