I removed gdm and install lightdm, after that I am stuck at infinite loading.

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Pressed Ctrl + Alt + F2, unable to use TTY... And I cannot enter recovery mode by press shift... What can I do for it?

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Using another computer, edit your cmdline.txt file and append the following:


This will skip the init process and drop you to a root shell. If bash isn't installed on your distro, then try /bin/sh.

Once you're done making changes, make sure you run sync to flush the write cache, then power off the Pi and revert the changes to cmdline.txt.


There is no desktop rescue mode in Linux.

In a regular Debian or Ubuntu you instead have to start the rescue mode from the GRUB menu.

However, the Raspberry Pi installations don't use GRUB by default. So the other option is to boot on an install disk (i.e. a USB thumb drive) and use the rescue menu option from there.

There are plenty of posts about how to use that mode so I won't go in detail here about that. More or less, you'll be able to reinstall a working package or tweak the settings of the existing package to possibly make it work. That mode includes a way to start a shell in a terminal, which you can use to tweak your settings directly in files and install/remove packages.

  • Does this apply to the Raspberry Pi (which AFAIK) doesn't use Grub to boot and instead boots from an SD card by default? Commented Mar 27, 2021 at 1:35
  • Ah, indeed. Although it can be installed, it's not by default. Commented Mar 27, 2021 at 16:07

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