I am new to using raspberry pi I have rsp 4 model b, I need it for a college project I am doing, I bought a camera module for it. and it doesn't show output on screen using "cheese" I am running Ubuntu 20.10 64 bit, it does show the camera output I disconnected it and connected again and found it's name is "mmal service 16.1" (so the system recognizes it). I think I need to initialize it. A lot of posts talk about raspi-config but I can't use it on my OS as far as I have seen. also I had no boot/config.txt file I put it there manually with the configuration:


and restarted. also used the commands sudo get-apt update and sudo apt-get upgrade still black input. Also I did remove the camera cover.

Edit: I messed up the configuration and raspberry wasn't booting anymore so I installed the raspberry native OS instead, so this question is no longer valid.

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