I've been using a raspberry pi 3b to write some scripts and I setup an access point for wifi setup using Balena's wifi connect. I'm trying to transfer over to the sleek pi zero w. However, I notice when I bootup wifi connect failed to connect the device to a network stating that no networks are available. When I check the wifi status with network manager

nmcli device wifi show

No, networks are displayed except Wifi Connect. If I then input

nmcli radio wifi off
nmcli radio wifi on
nmcli device wifi show

The networks become discoverable and I can manually connect to one. However, my Wifi connect app is turned off in the process. This there a way to keep the wifi discoverable on ? I never had this problem with the 3b, it always discovered networks on boot. Thanks

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    If you choose to install other network managers don't expect the default dhcpcd tools to work. – Milliways Apr 6 at 22:14
  • Fair enough, is a reasonable solution to write a script to run terminal commands on boot using perhaps python subprocess module? – Robert Marciniak Apr 7 at 0:55
  • A more reasonable solution is to use the inbuilt tool, which works very well. Network Manager is the last thing I would inflict on my Pi. – Milliways Apr 7 at 2:08
  • Unfortunately, the Balena Wifi Connect requires the Network Manager and disables dhcpcd on install, otherwise I would be more than happy using the inbuilt tools – Robert Marciniak Apr 7 at 2:19

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