I am working on a project with raspberry pi. I have a little experience with raspberry pi, but not so much.

The project is as folows: There are 3 raspberry pi's with each a camera. One raspberry pi is the master, and the other two are the slaves. Each raspberry takes a photo and send it to the master. So that the master can put the photos in an document. I was thinking of creating a python script. The pi's communicate with each other over the internet. (IP addresses are fixed)

I'm not sure what to use for this. What's the best way I can do this?

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    this is not a Raspberry Pi specific question ... please research in the Linux realm
    – jsotola
    Apr 6 '21 at 19:59
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    You can send pictures as a MQTT payload. Search for how to use MQTT to publish a message (from a subordinate machine) to broker so that it is delivered to a subscriber (main machine).
    – Dougie
    Apr 6 '21 at 20:30

It's difficult to know how to help you without more information. You could use BASH and SSH to automate secure connections + file transfers.

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