I am working on a some time-critical system that will run image processing and controlling 4 SG90 servo motors. In short, I will do visual-servoing.

In this topic, joan pointed out some library, pigpio, can drive servo motors on any gpio pin like hardware PWM.

Here, I have some questions ;

  • Is this library like software PWM? Will I face with servo jitters? I will do hard image processing stuff and I don't need use high cpu for driving the servos. Can I handle 4 servos with this library without any jitter problems ?

  • If it is different than the software PWM, what is the difference? How hardware timer PWM works like adafruit product PCA9685 servo hat ? If both will run at same performance, I think I will go with this library.

  • Is there any servo motor driving examples in C using this pigipo library ?


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