I'm going to build a robot powerd by raspberry pi and i wnat to control it remotely, the principal tasks that need to have a remote exchande of data is:

  • the streaming of 3 cameras
  • the monitoring of the temperature and of the battery level
  • the I/O for servo

Now, I'm a complete beginner to this, but i have some programming experience in python,

my question is what's the best thecnology to use to achieve the above tasks and a good compromise within:

  • communication speed
  • communication distance
  • ram usage

I thougt about socket or radio antenna, but any thecnology will be ok.

I want to create my own GUI for controlling it with a little shell and the real time data from cameras, temperature and battery level.

  • This is not a suitable question for this site. You will be better off asking such a broad non-specific question on raspberrypi.org/forums
    – joan
    Apr 10 '21 at 8:55

You could maybe try a web interface with flask if your remote device and controller are both connected to wifi - here's some links to help you with that

Intro to flask on raspberry pi

Flask video streaming

Using GPIO with flask

Hope that helps and good luck with your project :)

  • thank you very much for you useful suggestion, but i have a question, can i use flask to comunicate between two scripts?, i've never used it before Apr 11 '21 at 9:00

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