Given that next year is the 30th anniversary of the Inmos Transputer, I'd like to try to set up a sort of emulation of the distributed architecture using the RPi. Although I'm only at the planning stage at the moment.

I know of a couple of RPi clusters using either Beowulf or Python, so it should be possible.

How should I set up the communications to the adjacent processors? Is something like MPI over Ethernet sensible in this configuration? Should I set my sights on something simpler?


I'm very happy of this idea: I worked on Transputer 30 years ago.

I think that a raspberry can emulate a transputer core easy and that a single raspberry can emulate more than one core.

To extend the emulation it's possible to use MPI to create a computing cluster, but in this project on google sites a different protocol is used:


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  • Welcome to Raspberry Pi! It would be great if you could provide some information regarding the solution within the answer itself. At the moment, the link contains the only information that provides a solution to the question, and if ever the linked website/content were to go down, this answer would not be very helpful. Thanks! – asheeshr Dec 21 '13 at 18:50

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