I am having difficulty installing berryboot on my pi zero. I followed countless guides and none seem to work. most guides tell me to download berryboot from here however the site does not have a download link for the zero anymore. The available download is for the Pi 3, 4, and Pi 400 not the zero. I have tried this version on my zero and the result was a rainbow screen and the ACT led started to blink 7 times which means it is missing the kernel image. My SD card has "kernel_rpi64.img". From my understanding, the pi zero is a 32bit system and I'm assuming the kernel currently on my sd is not compatible. The problem is I don't know where I can find a compatible kernel image. I have located an archive of berryboot versions and I have tried using older ones.

  • berryboot-20201103-pi4.zip

    - missing kernel
  • berryboot-20190612-pi0-pi1-pi2-pi3.zip

    - pi doesn't boot, no led lights
  • I tried taking the kernel image from berryboot-20190612-pi0-pi1-pi2-pi3.zip and use it in berryboot-20201103-pi4.zip

    - ACT led flashes two long flashes then rainbow screen displays 

I have tested other versions and had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Not sure what the question is but their changelog dated 2019-06-12 shows Single multiplatform kernel for ARMv6/ARMv7 supporting Pi0/Pi1/Pi2/Pi3 As for there being only NOC-PS - see issue 682 github.com/maxnet/berryboot/issues/682 Maybe look at PINN if you really want multiple OS support on one card.
    – user130616
    Apr 21 at 12:03
  • the problem was I couldn't get berryboot working, il rename the question my bad. I have found that link but I couldn't make any use of it. thank you for your time Apr 21 at 15:43

I just tried berryboot-20181211-pi0-pi1-pi2-pi3.zip and it seems to work fine except for its missing a few things. I can only install NOC-PS Lite from the internet and nothing else.

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