I have a small problem, i'm using dnsmasq and NetworkManager. Every time i reboot, i check the resolv.conf file and the nameserver here is always set to (nothing alarming here) except I cannot access internet because the DNS is wrong. If i manually change the dns to mine ( in resolv.conf, the requests now works and the access is allowed. How is that possible?

Do you have any tips?

Thanks in advance for your help

  • do you have resolvconf installed? if so, then dnsmasq should be (and does on ALL my systems) using resolvconf output to determine upstream DNS rather than /etc/resolv.conf - perhqaps NetworkManager breaks this - never used it, so Commented Apr 22, 2021 at 0:16

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Ok so i'm answering my own question but by doing this post, I knew how to rephrase my research better... I realised dnsmasq was overwriting the dns configuration, because the local machine was automatically set as the resolver.

Adding: DNSMASQ_EXCEPT=lo in /etc/default/dnsmasq solved this issue.

Found this post which explains it better: Proper way to prevent dnsmasq from overwriting DNS server list supplied by DHCP?


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