i made a stupid mistake while following through this tutorial http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Web-Server/step9/Install-an-FTP-server/ I did not log in as root or whatsoever and i get locked out and I cant do anything on command line. When I tried to access the file manager to manually change the file, R-Pi runs on full load (FULL GREEN BAR!) and I'm so scared!! What should I do now? I don't dare to reset it. I might lose all work :( What should I do?


Okay problem solved after 37 minutes of troubleshooting. I logged in remotely through SSH as root.

login as: root
password: <root password>

change back the passwd file which caused the problem

find the line #pi:x;1000:1000:Raspberry Pi User,,,:home/pi:/bin/bash and change it to pi:x;1000:1000:Raspberry Pi User,,,:home/pi:/bin/bash

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