I have downloaded some pre-made code from Freenove - https://github.com/Freenove/Freenove_Ultimate_Starter_Kit_for_Raspberry_Pi

Freenove uses WiringPi. So I downloaded WiringPi and ran build.

Question 1 - Does build compiles the .c code in WiringPi, specifically the wiringPi library? Where is the library kept on the system?

Then I build the Blink.c code at https://github.com/Freenove/Freenove_Ultimate_Starter_Kit_for_Raspberry_Pi/blob/master/Code/C_Code/01.1.1_Blink/Blink.c and executed the code using -lwiringPi option. The program ran fine.

The I executed the python version of the code https://github.com/Freenove/Freenove_Ultimate_Starter_Kit_for_Raspberry_Pi/tree/master/Code/Python_Code/01.1.1_Blink using python3. That worked fine as well.

While I understand how the C code is working by following the wiringPi reference guide here http://wiringpi.com/reference/setup/, I don't understand the function calls and modules from the Python code.

Eg. where is import RPi.GPIO as GPIO defined and where should I look to find the functions available within RPi.GPIO and their meanings?


Where is from gpiozero import LED defined in Blink2.py - https://github.com/Freenove/Freenove_Ultimate_Starter_Kit_for_Raspberry_Pi/blob/master/Code/Python_Code/01.1.1_Blink/Blink2.py

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WiringPi is a C library used to access the GPIO. It is pre-installed in Raspbian.

RPi.GPIO is a Python module to access the GPIO. It is pre-installed in Raspbian.

gpiozero is a Python module to access the GPIO. It is pre-installed in Raspbian.


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