I have followed theese quides:


Kodi on Raspberry Pi OS / Raspbian Buster

Installed KODI on RPI 4B. Also have installed working TVHeadend server. But cannot get Tvheadend_HTSP_Client working.

I have also tried to install it using sudo apt. Still I do not see it among add-ons and no other PVR clients either. The PVR add-on section is missing. In System Information in KODI is PVR greyed out. Seems it is disabled somehow, how to enable it?

No PVR add-on enabled

There are some workarounds for older versions that do not work for me either.

I tried it before using SD card with LibreELEC and I had to install it in Kodi from LibreELEC repository, but it worked then. But I cannot use LibreELEC repository in Kodi on Buster, right?

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It was just that I missed the menu items:

Add-ons -->  My add-ons -> PVR Clients 

It was there and finally I was able to enable the TVHeadend HTSP Client.

It was already there because I have installed it using

sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-tvheadend-hts 

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