I am having trouble understanding how to install the drivers needed for my usb wireless that came with my Raspberry Pi Starter Kit. I have the drivers from the CD on the SD card.

install.sh does nothing. I even right-clicked it and changed it's property to be an executable and after that it still doesn't do anything.

This is the contents of the folder where the install.sh is found.

pi@raspberrypi ~/Desktop/RTL818_Wireless $ ls
android_reference_codes              readme.txt
android_reference_codes_ICS_nl80211  ReleaseNotes.pdf
document                             WiFi_Direct_User_Interface
driver                               wireless_tools
hardware_wps_pbc                     wpa_supplicant_hostapd
pi@raspberrypi ~/Desktop/RTL818_Wireless $ 

Am I missing something obvious?

  • What does the readme.txt file contain cat readme.txt? Dec 24 '13 at 7:57

Most Wi-Fi adapters (especially ones that come in Pi starter kits) should work out-of-the box. Try plugging it in, then opening "Wi-Fi Config" from the desktop. (You can open the desktop by typing startx)

If there is a need to install extra drivers, and it comes with a .sh script (like you mentioned), try using the following command: (I assume you are on Raspbian, as you tagged it with that)

pi@raspberrypi ~/Desktop/RTL818_Wireless $ sudo install.sh

Also note that not all scripts generate an output. It may have done something, but just without telling you. Try plugging the adapter in, and it should work.

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