I am trying 2 connect to my raspberry pi and I have some troubles with my VNC server. I have signed in, turned on VNC on my raspberry pi and clicked to connect on my PC; however, I still receive this error:

enter image description here

I wonder if anyone help...

  • please ask a question about the error ... include the error text in your post .... do you think that if anybody googles vnc server is not currently listening for cloud connections, then they will find your question and the answer?
    – jsotola
    May 7 '21 at 0:50

Your question is sort of open-ended, but these are some troubleshooting steps I can think of:

  • Do you see the vnc service running on the pi (ps -ef | grep vnc) ? If not, use sudo raspi-config to turn it on.

  • Can your PC reach the pi by network? (Can you ping the pi?)

  • Can you ssh to the pi? (Use sudo raspi-config to turn it SSH on to test this).

  • Can you vnc to the pi from another machine (perhaps including using that pi itself, though that wouldn't make sense for use, just a connectivity test)

  • Do you have the linux firewall on? Perhaps take a look at ufw and this answer

I suspect you are not making an outbound connection from the pi to the PC, but that's another option.

Also, there are times I prefer tightvnc over the default vnc service. Perhaps trying that may uncover an issue stopping the built-in vnc.

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