I'm not a huge overclocking junkie, but one of things I did do was add force_turbo=1 as it just makes the system more snappy and my app written in Python/QT performs far better when I'm locked into the 1.5Ghz.

Now, I also have a UPS Hat attached to the device so I can access it remotely when it's unplugged, and I have a script that after my UPS is engaged (main power cut), it does certain things to save power so as to prolong the battery.

What I would also like it to do is reset force_turbo=0. Is there an easy command-line way I can do this, or would I have to do something a little more sophisticated, and in the script that gets executed post UPS engagement, after x amount of time, call another script to edit cp a version of /boot/config.txt that has force_turbo=0, and then a replacement UPS engagement script for that state, and maybe store the current status in a flat file.....


Cheers! Be well, and stay safe!

  • no, I think you will need to reboot after changing config.txt May 12 at 5:15

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