Hi guys I have a question regarding docker containers and ssl certificates. I want to install more than one docker containers like pi hole , Bitwarden and motioneye . To access them I have to type their IP address and port number on the browser but the connection is insecure. If I generate my own ssl certificate will it be applied to all the services running through this IP address or the port which are running makes it so that I will need a different SSL for every service ? I am running everything in an RPI 4. I would like to use LetsEncrypt but I can’t do that locally .

Thank you in advance for your answers !

  • What I mean in case I confused you is, the self signed ssl Will be assigned to the IP address , in this case to my RPI , and all services running on this RPI will be secure or should I make an ssl for each individual service ? – user133742 May 12 at 22:06

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