I've started rc plane but with internet connection instead of regular radio. My plan is using Ai-thinker A6 gsm module so I can use it as live stream camera and control servo together with blynk. Currently I use usb tethering from my android to test it.

As an aeromodel project, I have 3 Tower pro sg90 servo's and will bought dc motor in future. I've successfully control 1 servo but I don't know how can I put the others since I hear direct supply from my pi-zero gpio will broke my pi-zero.

Is there any module or what can I do to supplied power for my 3servos and a dc motor? I am afraid it will conflict with gsm module if I use a servo-control module like adafruit 16 channel.

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Just a couple of suggestions:

  1. I use Lipo power bank to power 3+ sg90/mg995/mg996 servos, and dc motors.

  2. I use SIM7600's using USB UART ports not sharing with Rpi GPIOs handling servos.

  3. I use Rpi3B+, Rpi4B as development machine, and RpiZ/W on the drone, this way saves much prototyping time.

  4. Using 16 Channel PWM/servo module is an overkill.


(1) How can Rpi4B use UART to read and analyze received data at a 3DR FPV Air Radio Module? (Q&A)

(2) How can Rpi4B use UART to read and analyze received data at a 3DR FPV Air Radio Module? (Chat Record - 24 days long! :))

(3) 18650 (Lipo battery) - Wiktionary

(4) LiPo (Lithium polymer battery) - Wikipedia


Appendix A - Lipo power bank for Neo GPS

lipo power bank

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    Do u use any module to supply all of your servo and dc motors? May 17, 2021 at 3:09
  • Quick reply - Ah, for TowerPro MG966 servos, I have a *7V 21A PSU. For BLDC motors, I have 24V/36V PSU. For microstepping motors, I have 24V to 48V PSUs. For more details, you might like to search EESE , RpiSE, and Rpi.Org.Forum for my other projects on the above motors.
    – tlfong01
    May 17, 2021 at 3:44

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