Since my disable_camera_led=1/0 does not do anything and searching on forums did not help, I decided to debug it myself.

Since I know disable_camera_led=1/0 turns on/off a pin in GPIO, I want to know what is the Pinout of a camera board, and I will turn this GPIO pin On/Off myself. The only reference pinout picture I found is this:

pri pinout

from here.

Now, Using my multimeter I checked the pins, GND connects to GND, 3.3V to 3.3V so the pinout seems right.

I guess the CAM_GPIO is the one I am interested on, but this does not connect to any GPIO pin!

This pin should be connected to a GPIO pin right? Maybe the pinout is not 100% correct?

Or the camera I bought is just a fake imitation of the 'real' rpi camera pinout?

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I made the same question on raspberry Pi's forums, here . @6by9 replied and solved my question.

His reply is:

Schematics for v2 and HQ camera modules are published (off the camera hardware page), as are reduced schematics for all the versions of Pi (eg Pi4).

Only the v1 camera module had an LED fitted. v2 and HQ don't. 3rd party products will vary.

Pi4 and CM4 no longer connect the line to a controllable GPIO (left floating).

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