Good evening stackers. I'm starting work on a new project and I need to know the feasibility of the end-result. I need a lot of things to happen automatically.

  1. Detect if a new file has been added to a folder
  2. Login to a website (like Strava or TrainingPeaks)
  3. Upload the file to my account on the website

Any advice on this front is appreciated. I really just need to know if this is possible and what I would need to make it happen.

Thanks guys.


TLDR: both sites you mention support uploading files through an API (using code instead of a web browser).

It wouldn't be horrible to do this with some programming experience. It could be done in any number of languages- Ruby, Python, NodeJS, or any other semi-modern language.


1: Detecting new files in a folder is solved - try searching on stackoverflow (makre sure to move files to an uploaded folder once they are processed, so you only do it once pr. file). I did a similar thing with a script that uploaded new captured images to a FTP server, by coding a shell script that ran at a given interval using cron.

2+3: As tedder42 suggested, it might be easiest to use their API. If you prefer, you can of course also write your own script (I suggest Python) to login and upload the file

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    Instead of using cron, you could probably use Linux feature called inotify. – Krzysztof Adamski Dec 27 '13 at 11:31

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