I have an NES that I am creating into an Rpi case. I want to try to do the following:

*Connect the power button to my Rpi to 1: Turn on the Rpi when pressed in (On) 2: Run a shutdown command regardless of what is happening when pressed out (Off)

*Connect the reset button to 1: When pressed, exit the current program and return to a menu 2: When pressed for a few seconds, reset the system

I am new to this sort of thing. I've seen people do things like this with GPIO, but I don't even know what to do with that. What should I do for something like this?

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Lucky for you, there is an open source circuit that can do more or less the same thing :) Check out Pi-Supply

You can run a python script to be able to manipulate your GPIO. If you can understand the logic behind pi-supply's soft shutdown script, you can easily do whatever you want regarding this issue.

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