I'd like to build a machine for counting bills and during the counting process, I want to check whether the paper money is counterfeit or not.

Is the Raspberry Pi capable of doing this or would I be better off using a different board?

Thank you for your answers; after some testing with arduino, raspberry pi and beaglebone black, it seems that beaglebone black or zynq like platform be my choice. I need faster ADC processing for contact image sensor and this cannot be done with arduino or raspberry pi.


It depends on exactly what sensors you need to connect. Are there lots of analog sensors? The Arduino might be better. I personally don't know how easy it is or not to detect counterfeit currency? Is there a sophisticated algorithm involved? Maybe the Pi might be better. How are you communicating the data? A continuously running log file? Raspberry Pi. Some status LEDs? Arduino. Does it need a camera? Raspberry Pi.

What are you most comfortable programming in? Python? Java? C++? Raspberry Pi. Embedded C in an IDE, Arduino.

I really think it could work either way. You need to investigate what's involved more (or tell us more!) to help narrow it down. I think it's a feasible project with either device. I'd go for the Pi simply because I don't have much Arduino or mircocontroller experience, but that's just me.


I think arduino is more suitable in your case, you can easily attach and configure the sensors with a simple output to indicate the number of the counter.

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