I'm trying to find a connector like the one that is used on the raspberry pi 3b+ for the pi camera but I don't have a part number and the Raspberry Pi people don't seem to know where I can get one either. I'm thinking that digikey, mouser or alibaba would probably have it if I knew what the part number is. Anyone have any ideas?

  • is there any marking on the connector? – jsotola Jun 10 at 1:38
  • These connectors are a standard (with different pin counts and pitch). They are used in billions, and should be available from parts suppliers (although you may find minimum order quantities). – Milliways Jun 10 at 1:43
  • 1
    Can't see the Pi is relevant. You probably need to search for fpc. Why didn't you show a photo of the connector? – joan Jun 10 at 8:51
  • I didn't show a photo because since this is a raspberry pi group I felt the participants would probably have a rPi themselves and could look at theirs and see the camera connector. – John Blacker Jun 11 at 19:31

I would have a look here on Digi-key:


I did a quick search for 15 pin FPC connectors with 1mm pitch. Which is what my camera cable to RPi is using.

  • I notice that the display connector has the same clamp and I have no intention of adding a display so I'll just use the clamp from the display connector. Thanks for the digikey link, I see that they do have connectors and so does Banggood - although since their in China, it'd take quite a while to get one. – John Blacker Jun 11 at 19:33

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