While trying to start GitLab in a Docker container I am experiencing some issues. The command does works on other pc's. The command consists of:

sudo docker run --detach \
  --hostname \
  --publish 443:443 --publish 80:80 --publish 22:22 \
  --name gitlab \
  --restart always \
  --volume $GITLAB_HOME/config:/etc/gitlab \
  --volume $GITLAB_HOME/logs:/var/log/gitlab \
  --volume $GITLAB_HOME/data:/var/opt/gitlab \

Next, I inspect how gitlab is starting up with command:

sudo docker logs -f gitlab

Which displays the following error:

standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error

According to perara in this link that might be caused to a difference in the architecture of the Raspberry Pi 4b (4gb) and the architecture that is used by gitlab-ce:latest. So I tried various other architectures by including the following platform arguments (one per run):

--platform /linux/arm/v7
--platform /linux/amd64
--platform /linux/arm64
--platform /linux/armhf

which yielded error:

docker: Error response from deamon: image with reference gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest was found but does not match the specified platform wanted linux/arm64, actual: linux/amd64.

So it seems like I am not finding the right docker image of Gitlab for the right architecture of the Raspberry Pi model 4b with 4Gb. I ran these commands on the Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS 32bit armhf OS.

So I would like to ask, how could I run GitLab through docker on Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi 4b (4gb)? E.g. should I use a different Ubuntu Server OS version, and/or specify a different platform argument, and/or get a different source than gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest?

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