I have read a few other questions about this topic in this network and other places. The problem is they are all different and none of them have worked on Buster. Here are my questions:
1- With ad-hoc, my goal is to connect to pi directly in the very beginning in order to setup the wifi. Is this right? Can I connect to pi from my laptop or phone and run a program that allows me to setup the wifi?
2- If ad-hoc is the right approach, do we need dhcpcd or other server in order to setup ad-hoc on Buster or Buster already has a server that can do the ad-hoc?
3- Is ad-hoc on Buster called ibss?
4- I have progressed to the point to have pi broadcast a wifi using ibss, but my laptop does not connect to it. Is it because my pi does not have the server properly running to assign an ip to my laptop?
5- I have seen the changes being done on /etc/network/interfaces and sometimes on the wpa_supplicant.conf, in both cases without using dhcpcd, it broadcast the ad-hoc I setup but it cannot connect and the little network arrow on top right is two red crosses. With using dhcpcd, it still cannot connect but this time the little network arrows on the top right are blue.
6- Is the wifi chip on pi-3 able to do ad-hoc at all??


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