The text on my monitor is extremely small, almost unreadable.I downloaded the NOOBS software, I am using an HDMI lead and a television monitor with HDMI input. Also trying to run the Scratch program which says to move a block of code from the left panel and locking the bars should move the image according to to code, eg "move 10 steps" nothing happens, just a small movement. Regards Steve

  • Just ask about the text size problem on this question and move the bit about Scratch programming to another question.
    – quamrana
    Jan 6 '14 at 13:55

about the text size...

  1. run

    ls -l /usr/share/consolefonts | less

  2. pick a font you like

  3. then run

    setfont [font name sans extension]

I'm using (I'm pulling this from memory)

setfont Uni2-Terminus48x24

**the less command will allow you to scroll the screen using the up and down arrows keys. run with and without the | less and you'll see the difference

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