I've connected a Logitech C920 webcam to my Raspberry Pi 4 with the basic OS image on it. I want to use it for video conferencing through my living room TV, and I intended to use the built in C920 mic instead of buying a separate USB mic. Everything seems to be recognized, the video is fine usually, the output sound is fine coming through some speakers I plugged in, but the input volume of the mic is pretty terrible most of the time.

So far, I've only gotten reasonable input volume when recording in Audacity. I've gotten very bad, almost inaudible results using arecord and the Zoom app (installed via Pi Apps which runs it using box86). I've tried turning off the auto mic volume in Zoom and maxing out the volume, but I have to literally stand on top of the mic and speak loudly for it to register on the meter. I would think that the mic is just not good enough, but that can't be the case since it picks up easily from across the room when recording in Audacity. What could be the issue here?


I installed SoX to see how the volume would be when using that app to record and it was fine. Unexpectedly, the volume using arecord was then better, as well. The volume in Zoom is still terrible, though, so perhaps it has something to do with Zoom or box86.


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