I got an Raspberry Pi 4 4GB running Ubuntu 21.04 Desktop. I want to connect via ssh to my Raspberry Pi Zero (without Wireless) running Raspbian lite. For the ssh setup i followed the instructions stated here: Headless Pi Zero SSH access over USB I have done the configuration on the Zero and added a usb0 file to ^path_to_mounted_sd^/rootfs/etc/network/interfaces.d/ containing following lines:

allow-hotplug usb0
iface usb0 inet static

Afterwards i plugged the Zero in the usb port at my Pi 4 and waited until the boot process finished. I set a static ip to the interface of the Pi4 as well. Also i set the Network IPv4 Settings to "link local only". Tried to ssh into the zero and it worked. I scp'ed a python script to the zero. This worked as well. To run the skript i need to install the picamera module to the zero. I tried this but it didn't work (could not connect to the servers). I unplugged the Zero and rebooted it. Now the problem: after unplugging and rebooting i couldn't connect to the Zero via ssh. Error: Connection timed out.

Has anyone an idea how this problem can occur? Is it because of unplugging the zero? Does anyone know a solution for this? Thanks!

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