Just heard of this "cluster HAT" which is basically a USB hub. Assembly is quiet simple. For me is 4 zeros not enough. So can I use normal larger hub to make a bigger cluster?

Most important of all and if possible, which is the image I should install? By image I don't mean some picture but the OS to be flashed on the SD card.

  • Why? If you use a Pi4 it will outperform 10 Zeros (even if you could buy 10) and be cheaper.
    – Milliways
    Commented Jun 28, 2021 at 22:55
  • @user135142 it seems you have lost access to the account you used to post this question. If you visit this page in the Help center you can request for the accounts to be merged.
    – Darth Vader
    Commented Jun 29, 2021 at 9:43

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You don't need a HAT to create a cluster -- you don't need any additional hardware. Usually pi's with ethernet jacks are connected via an ethernet switch, but since Zero's don't have that, apparently this can be done via wifi:


The only thing besides the zero used in that demo is a plastic case. I don't know if there is a limit to the number that can be used, but eight or ten should be fine.

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