I made test backup from my Raspberry sd-card to usb-stick using SD Card Copier and now i need to rescue one text file from it.

Earlier when i plugged it in, it said "unrecognized format" or something similar, now it don's show any dialog but lsusb sees it and it don't appear in sidebar.

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    When you set up a backup system, always try to restore data from it at least once, until then consider you don't have a backup. More to the point, please clarify how the backup was made (what is "SD Card Copier", a card duplicator of some sort?) and how exactly you tried to restore the file ("i plugged it in" - what did you plug into what, and was there any software involved?). Commented Jul 6, 2021 at 14:15

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AFAIK, the SD Card Copier software writes an image of your SD card to a USB device - perhaps a USB-SD adapter, or a USB storage device?

NOTE: In general, more details make for better questions.

And so I will assume the following:

  • You have a working backup on a device that can be plugged into a USB port
  • Your RPi remains operational - you can read the USB device with the backup
  • You know how to open a terminal window & type commands into it

If this is your situation, you will only need to mount your USB device - after it is mounted, you can rummage through it as you wish, and find your text file.

  1. Plug the USB device containing the backup into a USB port on your RPi
  2. open a terminal & run the command: lsblk --fs
  3. verify that the USB device appears in the output - it should have two partitions: / and /boot
  4. mount the USB device or partition; ref man mount or read this
  5. find your text file, and copy it to your active SD card

Any follow-up questions should be made by editing your question, and include the output of lsblk --fs. This concludes "the answer"; I've added some unsolicited advice in the sequel that may help you in the future.

Unsolicited advice:

  • Forget SD Card Copier - there are better backup solutions. My favorite is image-utils

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