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I recently acquired a security camera, and have spent the last few months reverse engineering components to use it in a stand-alone system (My Reverse-Engineering post if you want more context).

It is an Axis Q128-E PTZ camera, powered through Power Over Ethernet (POE). I have successfully powered and connected the camera via ethernet through a windows computer, but when I try to connect to it to my Raspberry Pi 4 through the same, it will not identify the camera. Changing the PI ETH0 subnet to the same one the camera is configured to doesn't help.

I would love to run the AXIS IP utility, but I have had very little experience with WINE or the Box86 emulator, and usually the .EXEs I run are useless (no perms to run commands or ping networks).

I honestly don't know what else to do to force connectivity. All of the 'how to fix ethernet issues between axis cam' solutions are at least four years old, and use depreciated software solutions (see also: /etc/network/interfaces ).

Edit 1: - it could just simply be that Raspbian doesn't have the built-in drivers that windows does to handle communications with the Axis camera. I am investigating this route, will report back with information.

Edit 2: - It appears that the only way to access the camera through the browser is in windows or OSX, as linux is unfortunately unsupported. Time to go look for workaround solutions.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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