I would like to match the "tvservice" display device (iow, 2 for HDMI0 and 7 for HDMI1 and I think 5 for LCD) to the framebuffer device as used by "fbset"

For now, I am hardcoding: /dev/fb0=HDMI0 and /dev/fb1=HDMI1 but that is not an elegant solution.

Anyone know how to do that?

Alternatively (because the only reason I want to do this is to get this info), I would like to know if I can check the rotation of the tvservice device when rotated 90 or 270 degrees. tvservice -s always returns the landscape resolution, even then the screen is rotated in config.txt. Whereas fbset returns the applicable resolution.

Or the very last resort: Anyone has a LCD screen and know the display number and the framebuffer device it ends up with so I can hardcode those?

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