I have a RPI 4 with both Raspbian and Libre elec.

I went 2 monthes in vacation, and now I am coming back, system is only booting on librelec, I cannot find a way to boot on raspbian.

Is there a way to recover dual boot menu ?

I tried to press shift when colors appear on screen, but it stucked.


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I had this same situation. In previous versions of Noobs you could install more than one OS. I still have a Pi that is set up like this. If more than one OS was installed you got a prompt to choose. On my Pi 4 this happened for a while then disappeared but working arrow keys during boot up let me switch blind - just guessing key presses with no prompt. I had to switch to PINN, and my MicroSD card was not big enough for two systems, so I just had switch cards. It all seems much more stable now. I think PINN with a large card is the new way to go, even though you can still find info out there on Noobs in places.

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