I have a 16gb SD Card and wanted to put Raspbian on it. So I first formatted it wih SDFormatter then I used Win32 to transfer Raspbian to the SD Card but when I go to the SD Card there's nothing there and there's only 4gb available left even though it says it's empty. So I thought maybe that's just Windows so I put it in my Raspberry Pi and connect it and everything and it won't start. It only shows the red LED but there's nothing on the screen. Now I formatted it again but it's still 4gb and I don't know what's on it know. Please help.

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From "Raw Images", http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads:

To use an image file, you will need to unzip it and write it to a suitable (2GB or larger, 4GB or larger for Raspbian) SD card using the UNIX tool dd. Windows users should use Win32DiskImager. Do not try to drag and drop or otherwise copy over the image without using dd or Win32DiskImager – it won’t work. If you’re still not clear on what to do, the community on the Raspberry Pi Wiki has written a guide for beginners on how to set up your SD card.

The part of the beginner's guide pertaining to Windows and disk images is here.

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