I have seen plenty of tutorials to connect an RC522 module to a Raspberry Pi, but I have been given an HID iClass SE reader to integrate into our system which runs off a Raspberry Pi 3B. I have no idea which pins on Pi I should connect to. I have found some tutorials on the code I can use, but first I need to connect it correctly. The spec sheet attached is for the top end model and shows a dozen connections, but this model has only four wires (Red, Black, White, Green). Presuming that they would use the same colors for all models, here's what I have from the spec sheet.

|Wire Color |Terminal | Description|

| Red | P1-4 |+VDC (I believe this is 12V DC) |

| Black | P1-3 | Ground (RTN) |

| White | P2-4 | **Wiegand Data 1 / Clock|

| Green | P2-3 | **Wiegand Data 0 / Data |

So where do I connect the White and Green on the Pi?

As suggested below is a photo and the link to the device is: https://www.hidglobal.com/products/readers/iclass-se/r10 HID iClass SE

  • Perhaps you can show us a link and a photo of your specific HID RFID reader. Reference: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HID_Global, hidglobal.com/products/cards-and-credentials/iclass
    – tlfong01
    Aug 15 at 6:23
  • Presuming that they would use the same colors for all models and I believe this is 12V DC ... please do not presume and do not guess ... read the datasheet and be sure ... it could just as easily be a USB connection
    – jsotola
    Aug 15 at 7:39
  • Thanx @jsotola - I presumed because they have a common sheet for all their models (it came in the package). And the person who gave it to me told me it was 12V - he has used it in the past. Plus it scans cards and behaves :-) with 12V input on Back and Green
    – Chiwda
    Aug 15 at 10:41
  • These two references might get you started: (1) Wiegand Interface - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiegand_interface, (2) Wiegand Reader for Raspberry Pi- alperenguman github.com/alperenguman/rpi-wiegand-reader
    – tlfong01
    Aug 15 at 12:03

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