I was wondering if utilizing the code below would be sufficient in shutting down and restarting a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ with the use of a TTP223 capacitive touch sensor. By default, the touch sensor is outputting high and when touched, outputs logic low. Since it outputs high, I figured using "gpio_pull=off" would be appropriate.



That should work, assuming your touch sensor is connected to the default gpio_pin=3. Note that even if you disable the internal pull resistors, there are still external 1.8k pullup resistors for I²C on GPIO pins 2 and 3 (schematic), but they won't come close to exceeding the output current of your TTP223.

  • Ah yeah, I figured gpio_pull=off would be pointless with that pin. For safety, I am trying a new code as follows: dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown,gpio_pin=4,active_low=1,gpio_pull=off
    – Guysho
    Aug 27 at 13:07

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