I have my RetroPie EmulationStation set up to be 40% volume which makes for some good game volumes on my Picade's speaker. However, for the game snaps, I cannot hear the audio at all.

When I look at the parameters based to omxplayer using ps -fp <pid of omxplayer.bin>, I can see it's passing values like "-4000" for "--vol", which is just too quiet (experimenting and "-1000" sounds about right and equivalent to the in-game volume generated by the 40% setting)

If I push the main volume up to 75%, omxplayer is fine but then the game volume is far too loud.

Does anyone know how I can override the values being passed to omxplayer.bin independently of the main game volume EmulationStation?


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Well, no sooner do I ask this question than I come across a solution that works.

  1. By settings the EmulationStation volume to 75% (so snaps play well)
  2. Modify /opt/retropie/configs/all/runcommand-onstart.sh to have the line amixer set PCM 40%
  3. Modify /opt/retropie/configs/all/runcommand-onend.sh to have the line amixer set PCM 75%

Ideally wouldn't need to do this though. Maybe there is something I'm missing?

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