I have learnt how to develop web applications with JEE technologies, working in Eclipse IDE, using Apache TomEE server and MySQL database. Until now, I was using local server instance.

I don't have Raspberry Pi, but it sure looks interesting to be used as a web server. Raspberry Pi Model B, has 700MHz CPU and 512Mb of Ram. So, I was wondering is it possible to use this model of Raspberry Pi, to install software that would run JEE web applications (Apache TomEE)?

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Yes, it can.

Here is a small blog about running JBoss on a Pi:

Another choice could be Resign, which is focused on small solutions:

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It certainly could work - now a more accurate question would be "does this thing have enough horsepower to run my specific application and/or load"... and the answer to THAT depends a lot on what you're actually doing with this application. I've run a number of these type apps on the Pi, but nothing I do is particularly heavy on the memory or CPU, so it's not a big deal.

Unrelated to the Pi, but another possibility for this type of application is to get yourself a VPS (virtual private server) from any number of vendors - these systems can be exceptionally cheap (literally a few bucks a month) if you're willing to manage them yourself.


I think the main bottleneck to run Java inside a Raspberry is the RAM. If you subtract OS memory, daemon, video, etc; Might be less than 300MB left to run your application.

If is just a web services, with a light database (or even remote db), for internal purposes, it should work.

I advice to run 32bits on everything (OS, libraries, etc).

  • It will have to be 32 bit anyway, RPi uses the armv6h architecture. On my fresh Arch Linux install it uses about 100mb idling
    – michel-slm
    Apr 21, 2014 at 5:48

Yes,As Apache is the light weight web server .You can go to this link for installation stpes. https://alextheedom.wordpress.com/raspberry-pi/installing-java-7-and-tomcat-7/

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