I am looking for suggestions related to my test project. I am trying to make a barcode scanner on Raspberry Pi.

I have bought the camera which is based on 1/2.8" Sony IMX290 CMOS sensor. This camera is a USB camera and we can connect this camera to the Raspberry Pi board over the USB port. I would be running Yocto linux on the Raspberry Pi board. I have familiarised myself to load image/board bring up on the Raspberry Pi board.

Next step, I would like the camera to scan the barcode, decode the information and send the information to another module.

Questions: Would a normal camera (already mentioned above) work for this project OR some special bar code scanner device is needed? If a normal camera would work, is there any documentation/links which I could follow?

Thanks a lot in advance for helping in this learning journey. :)

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For the complete workflow (decode image, send result elsewhere) you will need to invest some programming time, but the zbar-tools suite offers tools to read a camera stream and decode various codes found on the images, so you can take that as a starting point.

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