I've been using C code based on a convenient linux_i2c-dev.h, but there seems to be no function to read 2 bytes without sending a command byte first. I want the code to work on both PI3s & PI4s.

Is there a similar alternative available if I2C_SMBUS does not support it, without installing packages on many devices to run it?

(I was using Python, but it is too slow and uses too much CPU.)

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It is easier than I thought: The OS read function is exactly what is needed and ioctl() is NOT used for the IO as in other cases.

In summary, without error checking:

int MCP3221= open("/dev/i2c-1", O_RDWR); // open I2C1
ioctl(MCP3221, I2C_SLAVE, 0x4D); // use MCP device address

unsigned char buf[2];
read(MCP3221, buf, 2); // read 2 byte value
int adc = (buf[0] << 8) | buf[1];

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