I run RasperryPi OS on a Pi 4. I want to emulate/install TinyCore OS on a qemu virtual machine. I am not sure if my problem rely's on the underlying Pi4 hardware?

This is how I run the iso I downloaded from the tinycore website. I use Boot TinyCore. from it's bootloader menu.

#/usr/bin/env bash
qemu-system-x86_64 \
    -drive format=raw,file=tinycore.img \
    -m 1024 \
    -drive format=raw,file=TinyCore-current.iso,media=cdrom,readonly \
    -smp 2 \
    -nic user,model=virtio

The problem is a kernel panic. enter image description here

The last "normal" message I can see is

Booting Core 12.0
Running Linux Kernel 5.10.3-tinycore
Checking boot options... Done.
Starting udev daemon for hotplug support... Done.
Scanning hard disc partitions to create /etc/fstab...
Setting Language to C Done.
Possible swap partition(s) enabled.
Loading extensions...

I do not know why it happens and I do not know how to go deeper into diagnoses. What can I do here? After the kernel panic the VM reboots and it happens again.

I also tried Boot Core (command line only).. The bash shows up. But also then after some seconds a kernel panic appears.

Background of my question: I need to emulate TinyCore OS to get a tor browser running because there is no "armhf" binary available. I would like to use TinyCore instead of TailsOS because I assume the latter would use more ressources of my Pi4.

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