I have previously posted this question here in Super User but I thought I'd try posting it here too.

I am trying to create a web server running on a Raspberry Pi in a container. Due to processor incompatibility I am running it in QEMU in the container. I want apache2 (and eventually other software) to automatically start on the raspberry pi when the container starts. I have tried an expect file which works to log in but it freezes the container after this.

I have also tried to ssh in and run a bash script, but this also did not work, as ssh is not enabled automatically on a raspberry pi.

My current plan is to create a new VM image which is updated and has the required software already installed on it, so that a single command can be run to start it up. Is there any way to:

  1. Get an image, such as 2021-buster-lite
  2. update it
  3. install the packages I want
  4. image it so that it can be used on QEMU.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have been stuck on this for multiple weeks now. Thanks in advance!

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