I am using raspberry pi os in raspberry pi 0 w I booted from USB after editing the config.txt file but the wifi is not working on my USB boot it says there is no wireless LAN, I wanted to know 2 things

1)Can we disable USB boot and instead boot from sd card 2)Can we add wifi drivers to raspberry pi os

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    Oct 22 at 21:40
  1. You can't boot a Pi Zero from USB. It always boots from SD Card.
  2. The Pi Zero doesn't have Wifi

If you want to boot from SD Card I suggest you do a fresh installation of Raspberry Pi OS. It includes ALL the firmware required. Use a new SD Card if you have data you want to keep.

  • 2. OP states he has a raspberry pi 0 w :p
    – Bravo
    Oct 23 at 3:05
  • 1. you're right, but if you have an sd card with only "bootcode.bin" on it, a pi will perform the rest of the boot from USB (at least pi1/2 will - never tried with a pi 0)
    – Bravo
    Oct 23 at 3:07
  • wow - don't be a newbie here, right
    – Bravo
    Oct 23 at 6:42

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