After setting up my Raspberry Pi to act as a NAS things worked well for a few days however today whenever the device is connected via Ethernet to my router the internet cuts out for all devices connected to the network. What is causing this issue? - Do I need to buy a new PI or perhaps a dedicated NAS solution to stop this from happening?

  • Have you tried rebooting your router? Oct 24 '21 at 19:43
  • It should be possible to use a Pi as a NAS. I have been using a Pi4 and a 2 TB USB-3 drive as a NAS with Samba for the last 2 years. Have you tried a fresh Raspbian image? Oct 24 '21 at 19:47
  • Have you got several squillion torrents going? Oct 24 '21 at 19:48
  • Possibly an IP address conflict, are you using a static IP for your NAS ?
    – Bra1n
    Oct 24 '21 at 20:53

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