So I have a Raspberry Pi 4 type C 5V 3A adapter plugged into the power extender thingy at all times.

My question is, once you type the poweroff command into the terminal and see the device turning off, is it fine to leave the Raspberry Pi 4 as is with the Type C power cable in 24/7 or does it make more sense to unplug the Raspberry Pi 4?

I am asking because of the following concerns:

  • Electrical component health
  • Fire potential
  • Electricity bill/usage.

It's fine to leave it connected, but the power consumption of the Pi may not be what you expect it to be. Unless WAKE_ON_GPIO is set to 0, and POWER_OFF_ON_HALT is set to 1 in the bootloader config, the Pi will still consume a lot of power.

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